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The Glass Palace Set in Burma during the British invasion of , this masterly novel by Amitav Ghosh tells the story of Rajkumar, a poor boy lifted on the tides of political and social chaos, who goes on to create an empire in the Burmese teak forest When soldiers force the royal family out of the Glass Palace and into exile, Rajkumar befriends Dolly, a young woman in the court of the Burmese Queen, whose love will shape his life He cannot forget her, and years later, as a rich man, he goes in search of her The struggles that have made Burma, India, and Malaya the places they are today are illuminated in this wonderful novel by the writer Chitra Divakaruni calls a master storyteller

About the Author: Amitav Ghosh

Amitav Ghosh is one of India s best known writers His books include The Circle of Reason, The Shadow Lines, In An Antique Land, Dancing in Cambodia, The Calcutta Chromosome, The Glass Palace, Incendiary Circumstances, The Hungry Tide His most recent novel, Sea of Poppies, is the first volume of the Ibis Trilogy.Amitav Ghosh was born in Calcutta in 1956 He studied in Dehra Dun, New Delhi, Alexandria and Oxford and his first job was at the Indian Express newspaper in New Delhi He earned a doctorate at Oxford before he wrote his first novel, which was published in 1986.The Circle of Reason won the Prix Medicis Etranger, one of France s top literary awards, and The Shadow Lines won the Sahitya Akademi Award and the Ananda Puraskar The Calcutta Chromosome won the Arthur C Clarke Award for 1997 and The Glass Palace won the Grand Prize for Fiction at the Frankfurt International e Book Awards in 2001 The Hungry Tide won the Hutch Crossword Book Prize in 2006 In 2007 Amitav Ghosh was awarded the Grinzane Cavour Prize in Turin, Italy Amitav Ghosh has written for many publications, including the Hindu, The New Yorker and Granta, and he has served on the juries of several international film festivals, including Locarno and Venice He has taught at many universities in India and the USA, including Delhi University, Columbia, the City University of New York and Harvard He no longer teaches and is currently writing the next volume of the Ibis Trilogy.He is married to the writer, Deborah Baker, and has two children, Lila and Nayan He divides his time between Kolkata, Goa and Brooklyn.

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  1. Jeanette (Again) Jeanette (Again) says:

    Yes This is why I read historical fiction Amitav Ghosh devoted five years of his life to the travel, research, and writing required to tell this story It follows the mingled fates of three families and three countries Burma, India, and Malaya, from 1885 through the mid 1990s The story begins w

  2. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    The Glass Palace, Amitav Ghosh Amitav Ghosh was born in Calcutta in 1956 He studied in Dehra Dun, New Delhi, Alexandria and Oxford and his first job was at the Indian Express newspaper in New Delhi He earned a doctorate at Oxford before he wrote his first novel, which was published in 1986.The Glass

  3. Praj Praj says:

    During my pre vegetarian days, I used to find solace in a warm, juicy scrumptious steak n cheese sandwich washed down by a chilled Heineken Especially, if the gooey cheese was a blend of Munster, Monterey jack and yellow cheddar the bread not too soggy but aptly moisten by the beef gravy It is pure bliss On

  4. Margitte Margitte says:

    Amitav Ghosh tells the story of a family and the tumultuous history of Burma Myanmar Burma is a country ravaged by war forthan fifty years, which only became a delicate new democracy in 2015 Beautiful people in The Golden Land, live amidst the most scenic places on earth It s teak forests, gold, rubber, and other

  5. Erwin Erwin says:

    Wow I have just finished one of my new favourite books And I believe I will hit the become a fan button on Ghosh s page here on Goodreads after I finish this I loved Sea of Poppies and River of Smoke too This book was a fantastic ride through part of South East Asia s history A fascinating family drama that never bored W

  6. K K says:

    Most of the historical fiction books I ve read have tried to do three things evoke a sense of time and place, depict historical events through the eyes of their characters, and last and often least, unfortunately, even though this is ostensibly the reason to read a novel in the first place , create multifaceted characters who a

  7. Petra-X Petra-X says:

    If you like sagas, this was a good one, but in common with a lot of sagas is the large cast of characters Although I do rate Amitav Ghosh as a writer with great ability to draw characters, this time by the end of the book I couldn t keep straight who was who and what relationship they had to each other Often the people I was most inte

  8. Frances Frances says:

    The first person I recommended this book to was an English professor, who said she was immediately transfixed Undoubtedly Amitav Ghosh s masterpiece his other novels do not even compare , The Glass Palace is an epic that takes place over three generations of a multi ethnic and multi class families in Southeast Asia Ghosh sets the novel in th

  9. Inderjit Sanghera Inderjit Sanghera says:

    The Glass Palace is a story which grows on the reader gradually the characters, who at first seem like well constructed caricatures, begin to resonate, their lives, passions, trials and tribulations draw the reader in, as they become increasingly invested in the exploration of the history three generations of a Indo Burmese family.The story begins

  10. Mommalibrarian Mommalibrarian says:

    This book is epic in length and covers three generations of Indians in the countries of Malaya and Burma Myanmar from 1885 until the end of the twentieth century This is a very large scope and it is covered by disconnected chapters that are almost standalone essays A few are strongly written the torn loyalties of the Indian soldier when faced with continu

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