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Nantucket Weddings Mia Maxwell used to have her dream job She is a sought after wedding planner on Nantucket, with no shortage of business But she is struggling a bit to get back to loving her job It has been bittersweet to plan other people's weddingsever since her own fiance died two weeks before their wedding That was a year ago and she was just starting to feel better, when she came back from a vacation to find her house burned down So she will be staying with Lisa at the Beach Plum Cove Inn for a while, until her house is renovated Mia's also worried about her younger sister and best friend Izzyshe has a serious boyfriend who has grown controlling over the past yearAs it turns out, there are several member of the Hodges family that may be in need of Mia's servicesshe'll be planning not one but two weddings There are a few road bumps along the way however Lisa has another longterm guest that she eagerly introduces to Mia She finds this temporary neighbor equally intriguing and frustrating and she makes it clear that she's not even close to ready to date She's not sure if she ever will be

10 thoughts on “Nantucket Weddings

  1. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    While it was nice to visit with characters from past books in the series, this was a much shorter book. It appeared to me that the characters, their interactions and their relationships were not developed very much before we were rushed into the abrupt ending. Disappointing sinc

  2. Harriet Stein Harriet Stein says:

    I enjoyed reading all of Pamelas Nantucket series in 3 days.

    The series was heart warming. Between the Clovid Virus and
    After the 2020 election craziness I needed a rest! Each character
    In each book of the series brought more of the same people
    together a f

  3. Doni Doni says:

    This is such a good book!
    I truly adored reading it!
    A heart-warming & moving romance
    with old & new characters you cannot
    get enough of.
    The story flowed seamlessly that I couldn’t put it down...I loved every page.
    Mia, a wedding planner, returne

  4. Susan Susan says:

    I want to like these books because they are supposed to be based on Nantucket where I used to live but honestly, it's like a formula. In every book, the characters drink (chardonnay/cabernet) at (Millie's/Club Car/ Rose & Crown) and walk the non-existent in real-life beach of Beach Plum Co

  5. Denise Walsh Denise Walsh says:

    This is the 5th installment in the “ Plum Cove Series” and it did not disappointment. I have thoroughly enjoyed “Nantucket Weddings” just as much as the previous 4 installments. It continues the story of the owner of the “ Plum Cove Inn” and her family and as the title implies there are

  6. Patricia Grogan Bugher Patricia Grogan Bugher says:

    Weddings, romance, good friends and family

    Nantucket Weddings book number five in the Nantucket Beac plum Cove Series is very good. Lisa and Rhett are doing good with the Inn and Mia’s Wedding Planning business is taking off! There are some new friends and new romances in this one too. So

  7. momof3 momof3 says:

    This is the recent offering in the Nantucket Beach Plum Cove series. They need to be read in order so that you have the background on all the characters. It was another fun story that once again brought the Hodges family and all their friends together for some of their weddings on Nantucket. We also get to m

  8. Kathy Mizell Kathy Mizell says:

    Love, Laughter and Tears

    Once again Pamela Kelley has filled my day with love, laughter and tears. You must read this story of Mia, Sam, Izzy, Lisa and her girls. I feel like I am right there with them, crying tears of sadness and laughing and feeling like my heart is full for them. You must read this

  9. Mary Byrnes Mary Byrnes says:

    Love this series

    I have really enjoyed this series. I love reading about Nantucket since I live in Massachusetts and we have actually visited there. The characters and the way they are all woven into each story is great and makes me want to read more about them. Looking forward to Izzy's story and the seque

  10. Janice R. Swenson Janice R. Swenson says:

    Another delightful Nantucket story!

    After I read the first book in this series I knew I wanted to read more! I especially enjoyed having so many of the same characters in this one while focusing on a new character. It was fun to try to guess who Mia
    would end up with. A very enjoyable read!!

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