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The Secret Jesus In This Mainstream Novel, Christ S DNA Is Discovered In An Ancient Relic And Secretly Used To Create A Clone This Is The Story Of Jesus Human Twin And His Quest For Identity In Twenty First Century America Who Will This Young Man Be Exactly And How Will We React When He Leaves His Sheltered Childhood And Enters Our Modern World

10 thoughts on “The Secret Jesus

  1. Leila Leila says:

    The novel contains a captivating, smart plot and complex, funny characters The emphasized lessons of humility and tolerance are especially significant during these times The beautiful writing combines science and values into one coherent, intelligent story Engaging dialogue and a captivating tone allow the novel s events to flow easily and capture my attenti

  2. Amber Amber says:

    Great readHoly moly Intriguing storyline drew me in Entertaining drama I m having a difficult time finding words, but I enjoyed this book.

  3. Marsha Paul Marsha Paul says:

    No words.

  4. Natalie Moores Natalie Moores says:

    What a fascinating, moving story Could not put it down Great thought provoking novel.

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