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Stormy, Mistys Foal (Misty, #3) A Raging Storm Slashes Across Assateague And Chincoteague Islands Water Is Everywhere The Wild Ponies And The People Must Battle For Their LivesIn The Midst Of The Storm, Misty The Famous Mare Of Chincoteague Is About To Give Birth Paul And Maureen Are Frantic With Worry As The Storm Rages On Will Misty And Her Colt Survive This Is The Thrilling Story Of The Hurricane That Destroyed The Wild Herds Of Assateague, And How Strength And Love Helped Rebuild Them

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  1. Manybooks Manybooks says:

    Although I was rather taken aback a few years ago when I did research online and realised that while the events portrayed by author Marguerite Henry in the third Misty of Chincoteague novel in Stormy, Misty s Foal , including the raging springtime tidal storm that devastates the area, are indeed based on actual events, they happened NOT to Paul, Maureen, and

  2. Audrey Audrey says:

    I am currently reading Stormy, Misty s Foal with one of my tutoring students We make the perfect pair, as she can explain the horse y elements of the plot and I can explain life in the 1960 s.As Grandpa Beebe and Paul travel up to Deep Hole with their neighbor, the author refers to the fabric scraps that the neighbor has brought along to make flags I know exac

  3. Kellyn Roth Kellyn Roth says:

    I adored Misty of Chincoteague, but I just didn t like Story, Misty s Foal as much It was okay, yes, but it wasn t amazing I found it pretty sad and seemed to have no actual plot.

  4. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    I love the Beebe s, but only in small doses It s so cute how the strongest support in times of stress is peppermint candy, and next is bacon or ham no spirits here Fans of the horses themselves won t find much to satisfy, here, at least until the end It really is mostly an adventure tale of the storm And it s a bit of feminist manifesto, as the reader islikely t

  5. Gina Gina says:

    Marguerite Henry s one weakness series What I mean is, there is hardly any continuity between Sea Star and this one Sea Star doesn t even seem to exist in this book he s never mentioned The family as also gained a collie, Skipper, and a cat, Wait a Minute, with no explanation They even mention a puppy they used to have which was not there in either of the previou

  6. Jodi Jodi says:

    We bought this book at the Beebe Ranch in Chincoteague Island when we were there back in July The book is even signed by Billy King Beebe, who even though he is not named in the story because Marguerite Henry kept the names Paul and Maureen from her first book about the island, is the boy who these events happened to in real life Pretty cool We got to walk up the

  7. Sheila Sheila says:

    I should have just left this as something I loved as a child I have always loved the Marguerite Henry horse books, and one of the first Breyer horses I ever bought as a young girl was of Stormy, Misty s foal probably because it was small so it was less expensive and I could afford it, but also because I just loved it So now I have read this lovely horse story to my

  8. Heather Heather says:

    Spoiler alert my 7 year old daughter considered giving this 5 stars, but lowered her rating because the foal isn t born until 3 4 of the way thru the book The story concentrates on a huge storm and how the people handle it While animals are a part of the story, they ar...

  9. Rena Sherwood Rena Sherwood says:

    This is the grittiest and arguably the most fact based book Marguerite Henry ever wrote, about the time of the great Ash Wednesday nor easter of 1962 a storm so powerful that it permanently changed the shape of the Eastern seaboard It also killed 40 people, countless animals and did damage like this During this time, the celebrated Misty of Chincoteague was heavily p

  10. Molly Cline Molly Cline says:

    This is book 3 of the Misty series You don t have to have read the others first, but it does help in understanding about past emotions and characters In this one Misty is expecting a foul and the children are worried about her But in the mist of watching for the birth a major weather event comes in and people are asked to leave the island But the family doesnt want to

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