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National Velvet A butcher s daughter in a small Sussex town ends her nightly prayers with Oh, God, give me horses, give me horses Let me be the best rider in England The answer toyear old Velvet Brown s plea materializes in the form of an unwanted piebald, raffled off in a village lottery, who turns out to be adept at jumping fences exactly the sort of horse that could win the world s most famous steeplechase, the Grand NationalRichly atmospheric of rural life in England between the World Wars, National Velvet has enchanted generations of readers since itsdebut The heroine s grit and determination, backed by the support of her eccentric and loving family, offer an inspiring example of the struggles and rewards of following a dream The book is one that horse lovers of every age cannot fail to enjoy The New York Times Humorous, charming, National Velvet is a little masterpiece Time Put on your not to be missed list The New Yorker

About the Author: Enid Bagnold

British writer of novels and plays, best known for National Velvet and The Chalk Garden.Forinformation, please see

10 thoughts on “National Velvet

  1. Shirley Revill Shirley Revill says:

    A truly magical story that has been on my favourite books list since I was a child.Through the years my children and grandchildren have all enjoyed reading this book that makes you think that no matter how big the dream your dreams can come true.I also love the film that was made starring a very young Elizabeth Taylo

  2. Carol She& Carol She& says:

    A very quick review as I m going away tomorrow.Not an easy book to classify, but I will go with young adult because of Velvet Brown s age She was fourteen I love the interaction of the Brown family and found them all very easy to relate to I loved seeing a young girl follow her dreams But I did find too much just too improb

  3. Jacqie Jacqie says:

    How do you rate a book like this It s marketed as a children s book, but when I read it as a pre teen there s no way I got all the subtleties that the author works into her themes It was written in 1935, so of course it s aged While I was reading the book, I was very aware that I was being given a slice of life for a way that peop

  4. June Geiger June Geiger says:

    Though I ve treasured this since I was 12, I d completely forgotten to include it here until Flicka s lyrical narration on the Hallmark Channel sent me scrambling for book excerpts online thru red, swollen eyes, of course hey it s a horse flick which led to a lovely Velvet detour And what a lovely book it is yes, yes, the triumph of the

  5. Beth Beth says:

    This may be one of the strangest books ever written I first read it when I was eleven or so and didn t understand it Quite frankly I still don t Is it a slice of life book Is it a race book The race speeds by so fastpage time is given to the media than to the race and yet the entire novel turns on those few pages It s odd The first half of the

  6. Beth Bonini Beth Bonini says:

    Not long ago, I read Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons written in the 1930s and set in rural England, just like this novel There was an illuminating introduction to that book, in which the editor explained how Gibbons was parodying a writing style and subject matter popular in that era If you ve read any D.H Lawrence you will have a feeling for what

  7. Laura Laura says:

    From BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Drama Fourteen year old Velvet is mad about horses She knows there are pleasures earlier than love Earlier than love, nearer heaven in the form of horses.When she wins a piebald horse in a raffle, she recognises he s something special He can easily clear five foot fences, and he ll do anything for her Soon, she and butcher s assis

  8. Karlyne Landrum Karlyne Landrum says:

    One of the best books ever written about childhood, adulthood and all the days in between Horse lovers will of course find this fascinating, but it s a book that s muchthan a horse book It s a book about family and relationships and knowing your own self and others I can t recommend it too highly.

  9. Traze Traze says:

    I encountered this novel in a Short Story collection Its negative aspects impressed themselves so much on my mind that I felt that the book itself warranted another separate review.Don t get me wrong, I have nothing against the content of the book The plot line while fragmented had some saving graces Velvet Mi s touching relationship was great There was also some joy to b

  10. Janice Janice says:

    Like many girls in the last century, I went through a horsey phase Do girls still do that I suspect not, but since my acquaintance with modern girls is small, I don t know I read all the horsey books I could find in our small local library Billy and Bangs, Misty of Chincoteague, Brighty of Grand Canyon, Man O War, etc I also read dog books, but I still read those I remember read

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