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The Discovery of India In conjunction with the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund in New Delhi, Oxford proudly announces the reissue of Glimpses of World History and The Discovery of India, two famous works by Jawaharlal Nehru One of modern day s most articulate statesmen, Jawaharlal Nehru wrote a on a wide variety of subjects Describing himself as a dabbler in many things, he committed his life not only to politics but also to nature and wild life, drama, poetry, history, and science, as well as many other fields These two volumes help to illuminate the depth of his interests and knowledge and the skill and elegance with which he treated the written word

10 thoughts on “The Discovery of India

  1. Riku Sayuj Riku Sayuj says:

    It is but folly for me to attempt to review a book so close to my heart But, on my third reading of this book, it is time to finally go beyond the beauty of the prose and the elegance of Nehru s presentation It is time to see if the book achieves the objectives it sets out to achieve and ju

  2. Riku Sayuj Riku Sayuj says:

    Still the best history book I have read in my life Ah, the wonders we lose when geniuses go into politics.

  3. Alok Mishra Alok Mishra says:

    This is a good attempt at presenting a picture of India Good for the students of history but yes, there are facts which might be disputed Well, history and of India is full of points of conjecture because the historians attempt at making things tilt towards a particular side.

  4. Murtaza Murtaza says:

    Is there a world leader today who could write like Pandit Nehru The Discovery of India is the unedited prison notes that Nehru wrote while imprisoned by the British in Ahmadnagar Fort in 1944 His cellmate was none other than the nationalist intellectual Abul Kalam Azad In a sense the book is r

  5. Adam Adam says:

    A number of reviewers have noted that Discovery of India and Glimpses of World History were written during the years Nehru languished in British custody for sedition and civil disobedience What none of them, nor the publisher, have pointed out is that these books were culled from hundreds of le

  6. Aubrey Aubrey says:

    Nevertheless, we cannot just disrupt and hope for something better without having some vision of the future we are working for, however vague that vision may be We cannot just create a vacuum, or else that vacuum will fill itself up in a way that we may have to deplore In the constructive schem

  7. Malavika Malavika says:

    The only history book about India I recommend to anyone who asks for one For one, it s beautifully written, and, though Nehru comes from his own perspective about India, it s a perspective well worth noting Nehru, who was India s first Prime Minister, wrote most of it while imprisoned by the Brit

  8. Sumukh Shankar Pande Sumukh Shankar Pande says:

    When I was a boy, I liked to discuss what I was learning at school with my grandfather Not one to mince words, my grandfather grimaced when I asked about Jawaharlal Nehru Saala Nehru Jinnah ko Pakistan de diya Hindi Chini bhai bhai bolke India ki badnami kardi I found this surprising and confusing

  9. Samadrita Samadrita says:

    Undoubtedly one of the finest pieces of non fiction I ve ever read If not for the author s vivid knowledge of India s heritage, culture, social life, history and a first hand account of events constituting our freedom movement, this must be read for the literary richness of Nehru s writing style.

  10. Jerry Jose Jerry Jose says:

    My lousy reading is non professional to such extends that the only historical quote I remember of, is by Captain America probably not originally by him even Those who ignore the past are bound to repeat the same mistakes in future The point is, this seemingly political history book, had me the local

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