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Secretariat: The Making of a Champion In , Secretariat, the greatest thoroughbred in horse racing history, won the Triple Crown The only horse to ever break the two minute mark in winning the Kentucky Derby until recent winner Monarchos, Secretariat also pulled off one of the most astounding victories in the annals of horse racing by winning the Belmont Stakes by a record breaking thirty one lengths Now William Nack updates his acclaimed portrait with a new afterword that examines the legacy of one of ESPN sGreatest Athletes of the Century the only horse to ever grace the covers of Time , Newsweek , and Sports Illustrated all in the same week

10 thoughts on “Secretariat: The Making of a Champion

  1. Florence (Lefty) MacIntosh Florence (Lefty) MacIntosh says:

    This story of 1973 triple crown winner Secretariat is packed with statistics on blood lines William Nack really knows his stuff However, it is not a dry read at all His behind the scenes look at the world of horse breeders is fascinating I particularly liked his spin on the owner Helen Tweedy aka Penny Chenery , and thought it pretty cool that both the jockey trainer were

  2. L L says:

    A legend is born A true story of a remarkable Thoroughbred racehorse that has now also been made into a film for the big screen, Secretariat has to be one of my favorite books on racing ever written Equivalent to works such as Seabiscuit, Arle and Red Rum this racehorse s story is one that is heartwarming, magical and truly inspirational proving that the sky is the limit Fast p

  3. Deborah Deborah says:

    Did you see the movie I did, and can definitely say that the feel good movie barely touched the surface of Secretariat and all that was going on before and around him.and was written by William Nack, who was a new Turf Reporter when Secretariat made his 2 year old appearance So impressed, he decided to keep a journal and a side focus on Secretariat for the long term.Therefore, this

  4. Kaora Kaora says:

    I struggled to get into this one There is a ton of name dropping, and very little description of who they are Some names do inheritor of the Campbells Soup dynasty, etc, but a lot don t so it was difficult keeping everyone straight especially when it came to the syndication chapter A full chapter on just names And it isn t just human names You ll hear about Citation and Man O War and Nat

  5. Andrea Uhde Shepherd Andrea Uhde Shepherd says:

    I didn t finish it stunning writing and amazing reporting, but way too much emphasis on the horse bloodlines for me

  6. Wendy Wendy says:

    2.5 Maybe it s not fair to compare Secretariat to Seabiscuit, but here I go While I can t judge who would have won in a race between the two horses, one s story is far superior, and that is Seabiscuit s Secretariat came from basically a royal bloodline, he was big and beautiful and upon his death was discovered to have an enlarged heart which may have been what helped him run so fast I can appreci

  7. Marie Marie says:

    Great book I liked it a lotthan the movie I think that if you are a person who is not into horses or does not know a lot about horses, you will like the movie better This book is so well researched and filled with every single fact you could imagine, but could get confusing if you are not into horses and racing Great writing, captured me within the first 3 chapters I learned a lot about racing history

  8. Susy Flory Susy Flory says:

    A slow read without any fire I was hoping for another Seabiscuit but this islike Slowpoke.

  9. Shiloah Shiloah says:

    My husband and I read this together We thoroughly enjoyed this inspirational book Reading about animals that have talents above others it is another reminder of God showing us that we can have hope in excellence and perseverance.

  10. Mario Mario says:

    I picked up Secretariat for different reasons than most It had nothing to do with Diane Lane or the Disney movie I don t really even like horse racing But a gentlemen I trust recommended it to me on Twitter Andy Ihnatko Ihnatko included this book as one of his Audible.com Picks of the Week Having a stack of credits to burn through, I decided to give it a listen Secretariat begins slowly You begin with a thorough foun

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